When the synergy between multiple stories creates a unique fabric.

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High technologies in the hands of fabric artisans.

The transformation of the raw material into yarns and afterwards into fabrics happens completely in Italy with industrial processes and high technological standards, always leaving room for an artisan touch entrusted to expert hands.

The entire industrial cycle takes place in the factories of the group located in Italy: spinning, warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing. The choice to keep all production in Italy is the result of a precise aiming vision to defend the quality and uniqueness of the product.


The historic headquarters of TBM Group and production hub. In Besnate in the province of Varese.
With over 40 looms, 3 warpers and the twisting machine, the group brands produce here all the collections, for a total of approx. 2000 articles per season. This is possible thanks to the presence of twisting machines for fancy yarns, the latest generation warping machines for sampling, automatic drawing-in and looms that can handle all types of yarn and weaves. The proximity to the machines and the large yarn warehouse, allow us to experiment with structures and designs, minimizing development time. Also in Besnate there is the management center of the group, the administration and the sampling department that assemble the collections and manages the shipments of samples to customers


La filatura del Gruppo TBM.
In Buccino in the province of Salerno.
Since construction in 1992, investments have been continuous and brought the structure to specialize in the production of innovative and experimental yarns, with a great focus on research and development. In the spinning mill there are 12,000 bobbins where are made yarns, special blends and elastic spun. Furthermore, since 2013 there is an experimental room for the production of special yarns. At a time when there are no longer spinning mills in Italy, this enable the differentiation of the finished product, making it almost inimitable. Spinning is key in the strategy of TBM Group to have production independence and create exclusive yarns. Production is available either for TBM Group that for customers who want an entirely Italian supply chain and a special product.


The cutting-edge weaving mill of TBM Group.
In Ginosa in the province of Taranto
Founded in 2005, it is one of the most modern textile companies in existence. Built to meet production always increasing capacity needs with the desire to maintain production in Italy, the productive structure is able to be independent from the reception of the yarns up to the delivery and control of the raw fabric. The laboratory allows you to check all incoming yarns, as well as raw fabrics are tested. The structure is equipped with warping, bonding and weaving. The warping department is divided into 3 rooms: this allows to have an optimal production in terms of temperature, humidity and pollution.


The dyeing and finishing mill of TBM Group.
In Varano Borghi in the province of Varese.
Built in the early 1800s, it is located in the original headquarters of the Borghi cotton mill on the shores of Lago di Comabbio where our offices are located. In 1985 the structure was bought by TBM group, which directs its investments on cutting-edge machines with high performances for the production of all types of cotton and linen fabrics. In 2014 it introduces over 15 new machines, including a new rope dyeing line and a machine for the dyeing of indaco in piece, the only one of its kind in the world, consolidating its approach aimed at improving from year to year the mechanical-production sector of the company. The presence of this great variety of machines allows continue innovations in terms of production cycles, for a unique finishing and to create ad hoc fabrics according to the customer’s requests.